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Open your Pans

Pans & Company a brand of the Ibersol Group. Created in 1991, the company leads the Spanish sandwich market with a network of over 150 restaurants nationally and abroad, which sell over 15 million sandwiches a year. The growth and expansion of the brand in Spain over its 30-year history has been very positive, and we have become one of the most profitable restaurant chains in Spain.

It is a brand that is more popular then ever, with an original concept of high-quality fast food based on the carefully thought out design of its restaurants, which have their own differentiated personality and that are adapted to meet the most demanding consumer trends, offering high-quality cuisine, great service, competitive prices and a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

We are looking for people who are committed to our project, with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are ready and willing to overcome challenges by becoming part of a great team. We already have locations selected for our forthcoming openings in cities such as Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante and Malaga.

Do you need more reasons to join the Pans family?

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Informative meetings

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Why Pans&Company?

At Ibersol Group we can proudly say that all of our companies are thriving, both as brands and as businesses.

We have own brands such as Pans & Company, Ribs, Santamaría and FrescCo, all of them with a fine reputation in the sector.

In recent years, our brands have established themselves as part of the most profitable catering chains in the Spanish market, and our establishments have been on a continuous, consistent growth curve since the very beginning.

Ibersol is a leading iberian group, with over 30 years’ experience in the sector.

Throughout all these years, we have established ourselves as experts in knowledge and brand presence in the market, in franchise management, and as a purchasing center for our own and franchised stores.

We offer a business model that allows our franchisees to benefit from the extensive experience and the economies of scale of Ibersol Group, and thereby reduce their costs and increase their profitability.

Having our own restaurants allows us to see the evolution of the market first hand, both in terms of real estate, employment and consumer trends. We trial innovations in our own company establishments, and apply those that have been successful to the rest of our system.

Having this volume of our own restaurants means that our objectives are in line with those of our franchised restaurants: maximising the sales of the brand through a cost-controlled system.

At Ibersol Group we have our own real estate department, made up of expert professionals with extensive experience in the sector. Our strength as a group gives us access to advantageous locations under the best negotiating conditions.

We have collaboration agreements with the leading financial institutions that specialise in franchises in Spain, under exclusive financing conditions for our franchisees.

We offer financing facilities both for the start-up of the business and for the refurbishment of premises and other specific financial needs that may arise.

We provide all our franchisees with the purchasing power of 700 premises, with direct deliveries to their own individual establishment and with just one monthly invoice.

We can therefore achieve a greater product margin, profitability and offer greater convenience.

We offer our franchisees all of our know how:

  • We find the premises and carry out technical studies and legal consultations.
  • We prepare the business plan and find the financing that suits them.
  • We negotiate and formalise the leasing contract.
  • We decorate the premises and present budgets in order to monitor the franchisees’ investment.
  • If the franchisees wish to do so themselves, we offer our supervision and advice.
  • We help in the selection of staff and train franchisees and employees.
  • We prepare the marketing plan for the opening.
  • We help in the management of the premises for as long as franchisees require.
  • We make regular monitoring visits.
  • We keep the sales budget and profitability of the premises up to date.

Another one of our strong points is that we take great care of the relationship between the various parts that make up the group. Our corporate philosophy and culture, “We Are Better Together” means that we are truly committed to making all those who form part of Eat Out, including possible franchisees, active participants in a common project, working every day to build a better company.

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