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What you should know about us

Talking about us means talking about sandwiches. Since 1991, when we opened our first restaurant, and until today, the sandwich has always been our darling.
There are many companies where you can find snacks, but we are the only people who understand the sandwich as being our identity, the cornerstone of our brand.

The sandwich is something very, very close to us and very traditional, so for 30 years we have been giving it the prominence it deserves. Our sandwich is different and unique. And that is how we treat it. As a SANDWICH in capitals and not just any old sandwich.

That is how we see life and everything else

We love living! And, you might say, who doesn’t? But we refer to living life to the full. And as we like life so much, we live it to the full. We squeeze everything out every second and live in the best way possible. We like to say we enjoy life to the full. Or better yet, we enjoy everything in life.

This innate characteristic of ours is what gives meaning to Pans and our sandwiches. Our sandwiches let you eat in a balanced way, enjoy your food and enjoy everything else. They don’t devour your time; they do not get in the way. They adapt to your life and all your plans so you do not have to compromise. They allow you to take full advantage of your time and spend more time on what really matters. Our sandwiches will never stop you living.

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